General Timothy G. Maude

Pentagon, in memory of my friend

General Timothy J. Maude

I met you first time at thanksgiving 1996 in the messhall of 64. Replacement US Army Rhein-Main Air Base.

I have never seen you before. You shaked my hands and welcome me to the army-family. In your hands was money for helping the poor kids and families in the balkan-war.
It was enough money to drive three times to the war. I was very surprised, because you had not know me or something about my humanitarien work.

You have seen in my eyes, that I was surprised and you said to me: „I know everything about you. You are a veteran Special Forces Soldier of the Danish Jaegerkorps. You drove to the balkanwarzone with food and medicin, given from US Army units in the area of Rhein-Main. So I trust you.“

Than we have had a smalltalk about the US and the Danish Army. I know that you like your family, all soldiers, the Army and your country. I promise you that I make some pictures for you from the poor kids and families in balkan. But I never send this pictures to you. I hope, you could forgive me.

I will never forget you and what you have done for the poor people during the balkan-war.

I am sure, that I will see you one day.

Your friend
Helge Meyer

God bless your family, America and all soldiers.
Here are the pictures you have never seen: